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N'Djamena, Chad

The project is financed by European Union and the objective is to promote the employment of young people and create employment opportunities in the countries of the Sahel and surrounding Lake Chad.  The aim of the intervention is to contribute to the sustainable development of N'Djamena (capital of Chad), promoting the exchange between demand and supply of labour in the city and offering local small-medium enterprises skills and opportunities in the field of green building and solar energy.
It also intends to support some technical and professional training centres in the organisation of specific study courses aimed at the socio-professional integration of young people.

As part of the training programme held in December 2020, Chiwarà's talk focused on green building design and construction, use of local materials and assessing the sustainability of buildings from a life cycle perspective. The other parts of the programme, concerning the use of solar energy in the construction sector and the training of small and medium-sized enterprises, were conducted by other partners.

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