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CHIWARA' PROJECT Srl has decided to pursue as its goal to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability.



Therefore, it has chosen to consider the following points as essential to its Environmental Policy:


1) To promote the protection of the environment and biodiversity by reducing the socio-environmental impact of buildings and construction works and designing them in such a way that they exploit the natural potential of the context without harm.


2) Promoting and sustaining meaningful dialogue with communities in order to understand what interventions can give voice and shape to residents' needs and aspirations, supporting their ability to change their space of living


3) create realities that can make the best use of local resources by imparting practical and theoretical knowledge through training programs and participatory workshops.


4) Reduce CO2 emissions through targeted selection of materials used in the construction of buildings


5) To promote and enhance the company's human assets and expertise.


6) Commit to its compliance obligations.


Management has identified ISO 14001 as the internationally recognized references for continuous improvement of the company's performance for the Environment.


To make improvement measurable, Management establishes annual targets based on indicators, as quantitative as possible, of processes related to variables relevant to the Environment. Actual achievement of the annual goals is verified by Direction Board at annual review sessions.


All Company personnel are required to cooperate positively to ensure that the Company's objectives are successfully achieved.

The Direction Board

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