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Kassak Maternity
Kassak Nord, Senegal

The village of Kassak Nord is situated at the border with Mauritania, characterized by a harsh Sahelian climate located two hours away from the nearest hospital, while the previous maternity building  was in poor hygienic and structural conditions, increasing the risk of infections for the patients.

With the aim of improving the general quality of the building, the comfort and hygene for its users as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the construction, the proposed design made use of concrete hollow blocks, filled with soil and algaes to increase the thermal inertia of the walls. 

Moreover, the close position from the Senegal river, made possible the use of infesting algae as insulating material for walls and roof with a simple process of drying and moulding with clay soil.


Pre and post labour rooms, infirmary, midwife apartment

Surface: 150 sqm

Budget: 50'’000 €


Rainbow 4 Africa

DRC Italia 


Salam Group 

Fondazione Cariplo

Intesa San Paolo 

- client

- coordination

- technical partner


- donor

- donot



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