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Sanakoroba, Mali

Firewood trading and charcoal production are the main causes of deforestation, affecting each year 100’000 hectares of tree cover around the city of Bamako.

With the awareness that one of the main drivers of deforestation is charcoal production, used for household cooking, our project aims to turn waste into energy.

More than 80% of the malian’s population is involved in farming and agriculture, leading to the production of a large amount of agricultural waste that is usually thrown away or burned. Our production process turns those leftovers into pellets with high calorific value, capable of replacing charcoal as traditional household cooking fuel.

Moving towards a circular economy reduces pressure on the environment, secures raw material supply, stimulates innovation and boosts economic growth. With a process based on capacity building, we locally develop our technologies, moving from core malian traditions, in order to successfully switch perilous habits with a sustainable product.

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