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Siby, Mali

While technical competences are undoubtedly of primary importance for every construction work, supporting the ability of communities to express themselves is of fundamental importance for the promotion of social inclusion and participation.

In order to include every group within a community, participatory activities have to touch different phases of each project. Painting and decorations are in many cases the perfect bridge for a proper participation of kids and women, fostering the ability of people to express themselves. The promotion of cultural identity, roots the design into the community while enhancing sustainability and encouraging best practices for maintenance. The activities promoted in collaboration with Fact Sahel+ aim to preserve cultural heritage and promote innovative approaches of vernacular earthen techniques. Workshops and exhibitions on the topic have been organized in Ouagadougou, and Bamako, including the participation at the event “Bogo Ja” in Sybi. During the exhibitions, natural pigments extracted from soil, sands, rocks or trees, are carefully prepared and applied onto walls, producing fascinating geometries and colourful patterns.

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